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Eggs-cellent Easter Sensory Play Tray

If your children are anything like mine they absolutely love the fluffy chick decorations that come along with Easter. I put together a quick Easter Sensory Play Tray over the weekend and it has gone down a storm. So if you have some leftover Easter decorations why not set up some Easter sensory play yourself.

The base is made up of rainbow rice (instructions at the end of this post). To the rice I added Easter chicks, sheep, rabbits and carrot decorations and large and small eggs. I have tonnes of these openable eggs, i buy more each year, they have so many uses. All of this went in to two deep sided roasting tins,  one for each of my older boys. It would work in any container or in a tuff spot, but having one tray each meant no bickering and I like a relaxed Easter. I love to colours in this set up, so bright and cheerful and the rice is lovely to run your hands through.
The boys have had a ball playing with this. The little Easter decorations really appeal to their imaginative mind…

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