Sunday, 29 January 2012

To dummy or not to dummy

I never wanted Seb to have a dummy, i don't like them at all, when i worked in childcare babies would come in with them and all the staff would take them straight out until naptime or if they were upset. I don't know why i don't like them, i just don't.
But i did buy a pack while pregnant and left them in the cupboard just in case.

So for the first couple of weeks we muddled along nicely, then one night at about 3am with a screeching baby i snapped at Phil to get a dummy in the steriliser NOW! Once it was sterile we popped it in and silence reigned and we all went straight to sleep. I was so glad for that pack in the cupboard! Since that day Seb was officially a dummy user, i am however quite mean, he only really has it at his naptime and bedtime and or if he has hurt himself and gets really upset. We don't tend to take them out with us and keep them out of the way and you will rarely find him in a photo with one in his mouth. In fact the only recent one i could find is this one of him asleep in the queue to see Santa.
I'm glad i gave into the dummy, i think it saved the three of us a lot of stressful nights when he was younger. However i still don't like them and i'm hoping we don't have it with us for too much longer.

Does your little one have a dummy? Does anyone know why i don't like them?!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nautical but nice

Seb has so many stripey things in his wardrobe is ridiculous really, but they are so cute! Here he is, rocking the nautical look.

Navy Combats-George @Asda, Blue and White striped tee-H&M(present from Nanny), Blue cardi-H&M, Socks-Primark
Orange vest-M&S(i love this!)
Does your little one rock stripes?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review: Early Learning Centre Mighty Digger

Light and Sound Mighty Digger

I posted last week that we'd picked this up in the Boots Sale, so thought i would do a quick review. You can buy it here but its full price so check out your local Boots store first.

The digger comes with along with 3 builders, more people to add to our collection. I think Happyland people are so cute!

Sebs been having a great time playing with this. We put it out when he had his carmat out and he likes pushing it along and putting the workmen into the drivers seat as the toy then says phrases like 'lets get digging'. It also makes engine sounds. The buckets are fully moveable and Seb loves playing with these as you can tell by the photos below.
This is definately a hit with us. I love toys that encourage imaginative play and I also like that the sounds aren't too loud! It goes great with his car mat, especially as there are roadworks on it.

Do you like the Happyland toys?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tantrums ahoy!

Whats this? Red face, screeching, throwing toys, throwing himself on the floor.
I believe its a tantrum! Someone has his mothers temper!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Activity: Fun with custard

This week we did some fab messy play with custard!

We got a cheap pack of custard powder from Asda(about 7p) made it up and allowed to cool. In the meantime we stripped Seb down to his nappy, popped him in his highchair with a messy mat underneath and got out some pots, a fork, spoon and spatula.
By this time the custard had cooled so that it was warm rather then hot! I poured it into several containers and made one lot pink and one lot purple and left the rest yellow.
We popped it all on his tray and let him play.

I love the concentration on his face here
He poured, squidged, stirred and flicked, he did taste some but was more interested in playing
And genereally had funI loved this activity(as did Seb).
Its easy to set up, its a good way of showing different colours, it introduces different tempretures as the custard cooled, textures(as it cooled it went more solid), tastes and smells.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Are you feeding him yourself?

If i had a pound for everytime i heard that sentence when Seb was small i would be a very rich woman.

I thought i'd do a little post on my breastfeeding experience.

During my whole pregnancy i wanted to breastfeed i read up on it, watched DVD's from the midwife and got myself some rather hideous feeding bras. Then he was born.

If you read my birth story you will know i had a section under general anaesthetic and that i couldn't hold Seb until the day after he was born as basically i was just not with it.
Anyway when i came round from my anaethetic the day he was born the midwife came to help me with breastfeeding, i can barely remember it, as i say i had just come round from the anaesthetic so i have to go by what Phil told me and that is that the midwife was getting stressed that i couldn't manage to hold Seb and that because of this i could only try feeding him while lying down and wasn't having much luck. So it was left like that.

Luckily Seb slept for most of that night while were in hospital and the next day he latched on for a few minutes. Great i thought, we've got it! He only has that feed but the hospital staff seemed happy with that.
That second night in hospital however was a nightmare. Seb cried and cried, he wouldn't latch on and i was getting really stressed as all the other babies were sleeping and i just couldn't comfort him. I rang the buzzer several times for help, they were busy, said they'd be back in a few minutes and never came. I kept trying to feed him but he wouldn't latch on. After several hours i asked if i could have some formula but was told no we don't provide formula oh and we're still too busy to help. I text Phil begging him to bring the couple of cartons and bottles we had bought 'just in case' as me and Seb were both pretty hysterical by now.

So Seb had his first bottle aged 2 days old.
Instantly i felt calmer and Seb relaxed in my arms. He also had his second bottle. We were let out that evening and once home i continued trying to breastfeed, the milk was there, i could see it, but 99% of the time he just wasn't interested and we both ended up getting stressed out, it hurt, my nipples were bleeding and it just didn't feel comfortable. I told the midwife that came to visit us of the issues we were having and she said thats just boys they can be lazy.

After a few more days the breast pump came out. Needs must! I have to say it was the most hilarious thing to use but Seb was taking my milk even though it was through a bottle.
And that was how we carried on until he was 3 weeks, he had a mix of my milk and formula(i couldn't pump enough for every feed). After about 3 weeks my milk dried up and that was the end of our journey.

I felt so guilty that i wasn't able to breastfeed him but i no longer feel that guilt, i did my best, he is happy, healthy and has thrived on formula milk.
When i have another baby i will try to breastfeed again but i won't be putting pressure on myself, if it doesn't work out then so be it.

Did you breastfeed? How was it for you?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sebastians birth story. Emergency Cesarean Under General Anaesthetic

Sebastians birth story began as a normal labour and ended with an emergency cesarean under general anaesthetic. I had planned for as natural a birth as possible, i had booked to have Seb in a local midwife led unit which was seperate from the hospital. However about 5 weeks before he was due the heating broke and they weren't fixing it because the unit was closing down. So I had to change to the our local hospital.

The week I was due there was terrible snow. It was so cold and the roads were awful with fresh snow falling on top of ice. I hate snow at the best of times, so being 9 months pregnant I did worry.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Organix Mighty Meals

Now i'm not a huge fan of buying ready made meals for babies, like i said a few days ago i much prefer to make my own stuff for Seb but i admit it is handy to have a couple of bits in the cupboard for days where i'm running late, have forgotton to get something out or just don't fancy cooking. I don't tend to look at them in the shops, i've always just kept 1 or 2 pouches of Ellas Kitchen in the cupboard.
While in Boots last week i saw Organix Mighty Meals on offer for just £1 so i had a look at them to see what they were like and i have to say i was actually really impressed.
Aimed at 1-3 year olds these meals come in a generous 200g pack. They can be served at room tempreture or heated in the microwave or a pan of hot water.I love that they aren't just mush! Some of the meals i've seen aimed at 1 year olds are so runny that its ridiculous. These are just like a normal meal, you can see whats in it but they are easy enough to cut up smaller if you need too.

There are a variety of meals available but we went for Pork Meatballs in Tomatoey Chickpea and Sweet Potato Sauce, and

So far we have only tried the pasta one, and Seb wolfed it down. The portion was huge! He ate it all but i think next time i will split it over 2 meals as there is alot there and Seb is the type of baby who will eat and eat even when he is full up.

Our little Boots doesn't stock all of the different meals so i'm going to order 1 of each online and get them delivered to our store so that i have a stock in the cupboard. Will also be getting a couple for my mum to have at her house incase any of the grandchildren pop round unannounced.

Thumbs up Organix!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Jumpers and Jeans

Jumpers and jeans are Sebs staples at the minute as its sooo cold!!
I love this jumper that Seb was given for Christmas, though i'm not a fan of bears on clothes, this one isn't too intrusive!

Navy jumper-GAP, Skinny jeans-Asda via ebay, Striped socks-Primark
Stone coloured long sleeves vest-H&M

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Activity: Canvas Painting

Pretty straightforward really! I wanted something inexpensive to hang on Sebs wall and that would match the bright colours in his room so i thought i'd let him paint a canvas.
I'm a big fan of displaying homemade artwork.

I got a massive canvas from Home Bargains(£1.99), grabbed some of our bright paints(these are Early Learning Centre) and a brush and a roller.
And voila! A painted canvas. Not Picasso, but a nice bright addition to his room and we had fun doing it. xxx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review: Marks and Spencer My First Hammer and Peg toy

Marks and Spencer: My First Hammer and Peg toy

This usually costs £15 but I ordered this online when there was a special offer on and got it for just £7.50 so it was a bit of a bargain. I wasn't too happy when it arrived(along with other toys) as they weren't packaged properly but thats not really anything to do with this review!
Its aimed at age 1+ and we gave it to Seb for Christmas aged 13 months.

The toy itself is lovely, i love wooden toys and visualise myself saving them for our next child and perhaps putting them away for our grandchildren in the future. Its a nice size for little hands and really sturdy which is essential when your baby climbs over it rather then round it.
It comes with 5 pegs and a hammer.Right away Seb knew what to do with this, he didn't need any showing. He did alot of hammering(lots of hand eye co-ordination) and also enjoyed turning the toy upside down and exploring it. I took the pegs out and he was able to put them back in the holes again, great for hand eye co-ordination.He also enjoying banging his head with the hammer(he is currently into headbutting everything)
This isn't a toy that kept Seb amused for ages, he spends about 5 minutes a time with it but he does repeatedly go back to it. While he plays with it, its easy to talk about the colours and what he is doing(hammering, banging, bashing etc) so its a way to introduce some nice words.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Product Recall: Ikea Antilop Highchair

Incase you didn't know Ikea has issued a product recall for its Antilop Highchair due to children falling out when the belt has become undone. Weirdly this news has come after Seb fell from his before Christmas(and there was me thinking he was just being a monkey).
This recall is for highchairs with the supplier #17389 and production date 0607-0911, this information can be found on the underside of the seat on the chair.
For more info check here.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: Megabloks Play n Go Table

Our first ever toy review!

Mega Bloks Play n Go Table

This is available in quite a few places and is usually priced around £30, you can get it from Amazon here. Its aimed at ages 1+ and we got it for Seb for his birthday. It comes with various blocks, a car and a person.

Seb really enjoys playing with this, as you can see from the pictures its a great height for him to be able to sit and play with it and its sturdy enough for him to pull himself up on it and build standing up.
LinkAs a mum i like that its so bright and chunky, its really appealing to Seb and the blocks are the right size for his hands. Its also something that we can play with together(or with another child) so its good for social development as well as language development as we can talk about what we are making and the colours of the blocks. One thing i really like about blocks/bricks is that you can make anything you like, meaning that they're fantastic for imaginitaive play.
Building blocks are also great for motor skills and hand eye coordination.
It also gets big plus points from me as you can store blocks in it and fold the legs down meaning as well as being able to travel with it, its also easy to store(his lives under his cot).

The only thing i will say about it is that you will need extra blocks. We got a tub of megabloks to go with it as the amount that it comes with isn't enough.

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