Monday, 23 January 2012

Activity: Fun with custard

This week we did some fab messy play with custard!

We got a cheap pack of custard powder from Asda(about 7p) made it up and allowed to cool. In the meantime we stripped Seb down to his nappy, popped him in his highchair with a messy mat underneath and got out some pots, a fork, spoon and spatula.
By this time the custard had cooled so that it was warm rather then hot! I poured it into several containers and made one lot pink and one lot purple and left the rest yellow.
We popped it all on his tray and let him play.

I love the concentration on his face here
He poured, squidged, stirred and flicked, he did taste some but was more interested in playing
And genereally had funI loved this activity(as did Seb).
Its easy to set up, its a good way of showing different colours, it introduces different tempretures as the custard cooled, textures(as it cooled it went more solid), tastes and smells.


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