Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Organix Mighty Meals

Now i'm not a huge fan of buying ready made meals for babies, like i said a few days ago i much prefer to make my own stuff for Seb but i admit it is handy to have a couple of bits in the cupboard for days where i'm running late, have forgotton to get something out or just don't fancy cooking. I don't tend to look at them in the shops, i've always just kept 1 or 2 pouches of Ellas Kitchen in the cupboard.
While in Boots last week i saw Organix Mighty Meals on offer for just £1 so i had a look at them to see what they were like and i have to say i was actually really impressed.
Aimed at 1-3 year olds these meals come in a generous 200g pack. They can be served at room tempreture or heated in the microwave or a pan of hot water.I love that they aren't just mush! Some of the meals i've seen aimed at 1 year olds are so runny that its ridiculous. These are just like a normal meal, you can see whats in it but they are easy enough to cut up smaller if you need too.

There are a variety of meals available but we went for Pork Meatballs in Tomatoey Chickpea and Sweet Potato Sauce, and

So far we have only tried the pasta one, and Seb wolfed it down. The portion was huge! He ate it all but i think next time i will split it over 2 meals as there is alot there and Seb is the type of baby who will eat and eat even when he is full up.

Our little Boots doesn't stock all of the different meals so i'm going to order 1 of each online and get them delivered to our store so that i have a stock in the cupboard. Will also be getting a couple for my mum to have at her house incase any of the grandchildren pop round unannounced.

Thumbs up Organix!


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