Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review: Marks and Spencer My First Hammer and Peg toy

Marks and Spencer: My First Hammer and Peg toy

This usually costs £15 but I ordered this online when there was a special offer on and got it for just £7.50 so it was a bit of a bargain. I wasn't too happy when it arrived(along with other toys) as they weren't packaged properly but thats not really anything to do with this review!
Its aimed at age 1+ and we gave it to Seb for Christmas aged 13 months.

The toy itself is lovely, i love wooden toys and visualise myself saving them for our next child and perhaps putting them away for our grandchildren in the future. Its a nice size for little hands and really sturdy which is essential when your baby climbs over it rather then round it.
It comes with 5 pegs and a hammer.Right away Seb knew what to do with this, he didn't need any showing. He did alot of hammering(lots of hand eye co-ordination) and also enjoyed turning the toy upside down and exploring it. I took the pegs out and he was able to put them back in the holes again, great for hand eye co-ordination.He also enjoying banging his head with the hammer(he is currently into headbutting everything)
This isn't a toy that kept Seb amused for ages, he spends about 5 minutes a time with it but he does repeatedly go back to it. While he plays with it, its easy to talk about the colours and what he is doing(hammering, banging, bashing etc) so its a way to introduce some nice words.


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