Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: Megabloks Play n Go Table

Our first ever toy review!

Mega Bloks Play n Go Table

This is available in quite a few places and is usually priced around £30, you can get it from Amazon here. Its aimed at ages 1+ and we got it for Seb for his birthday. It comes with various blocks, a car and a person.

Seb really enjoys playing with this, as you can see from the pictures its a great height for him to be able to sit and play with it and its sturdy enough for him to pull himself up on it and build standing up.
LinkAs a mum i like that its so bright and chunky, its really appealing to Seb and the blocks are the right size for his hands. Its also something that we can play with together(or with another child) so its good for social development as well as language development as we can talk about what we are making and the colours of the blocks. One thing i really like about blocks/bricks is that you can make anything you like, meaning that they're fantastic for imaginitaive play.
Building blocks are also great for motor skills and hand eye coordination.
It also gets big plus points from me as you can store blocks in it and fold the legs down meaning as well as being able to travel with it, its also easy to store(his lives under his cot).

The only thing i will say about it is that you will need extra blocks. We got a tub of megabloks to go with it as the amount that it comes with isn't enough.

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