Sebastians birth story

My birth story with Seb isn't really a nice fluffy one. All through pregnancy i wanted as natural a birth as possible, i had booked to have Seb in a midwife led unit which was seperate from the hospital. However about 5 weeks before he was due the heating broke and they weren't fixing it because the unit was closing down. Seb was born in the middle of all the terrible snow last year so heating was essential. Anyway i was told i would have to have him in the local hospital instead.

Last bump shot

I started getting mild contractions at about 9pm on Sunday 28th November(my due date) while sat watching tv with Phil. At first i just thought they were Braxton Hicks's and ignored them, after a while i realised they were coming about every 20-30 mins. I sent Phil to bed so one of us had a good nights sleep and i stayed up feeling really restless, i played Countdown on the wii to keep myself busy and timed my contractions.
I eventually went to bed at 5am after Phil came and made me, i laid there for around 20 minutes, turned over and had a massive gush as my waters broke.
By now my contractions were every 10 mins apart and more painful but during the morning they started to slow down and got to a point where i hadn't had one for about 40 minutes so I called the hospital who told me to come in to be checked over as my waters had gone. They checked me and baby, confirmed my waters had gone and said everything was fine, baby was engaged and to go home and wait for the contractions to pick up again, if not they booked me in to be induced the next morning.

So off we trotted home, we pottered around, tidying and repacked my hospital bag and my contractions began to pick up again after lunch. I spent alot of time in the bath! We timed them again and waited until they were about 5 mins apart(about 2am on 30th November), and i was in alot of pain. We rang the hospital who asked me to wait until they were 3 mins apart before going in. I got to 3 mins apart at about 5am. The weather was awful, snow was falling ontop of ice, but we got there in one piece thanks to Phils dad!

We went into a delivery room, i was checked over, she said baby was lovely and low and i was 2 cm dilated. After about 3 hours of monitoring i wasn't getting anywhere, lots of pain but no nearer to baby so they decided to put me on a drip to induce me and advised me to have an epidural. During the whole time i'd been in hospital my blood pressure and heartrate were both unusually high so i had consultants coming to check on me as well as the midwives. I called my mum at work and she came up to the hospital, its funny how you want your mum as i didn't think i would want her there.

Then at about 5pm a doctor came down to check on my blood pressure, she decided to feel my bump too and straight away said this baby is breech. Instantly i was rushed off for a scan, which confirmed that she was right and they told me i'd have to have an emeryency ceasarean which was a huge shock, i ended up in tears, terrified signing the papers and they took me straight down to theatre. They tried topping up my epidural but it didn't work and i could still feel the cold spray they used so they decided to try a spinal instead. Two anaesthetists tried getting the needle in for about 20 minutes but both failed to do it. While this was happening i was getting more frightened as they seemed to be getting more worried and rushed and then they decided to put me under general anaesthetic as they needed to get baby out. My other half who had scrubbed up wasn't allowed into theatre with me so we both missed the actual birth of Seb, he was born at 6.50pm weighing 8lb 4oz and 59cm long he was taken to Phil about 20 minutes after birth. I came round quite a bit later but was very out of it and couldn't hold him until the next day so just got to look and Phil laid him next to me for a while.

So as you can see it was far from natural! Emotionally its taken me a long time to get over his birth and it does still upset me now. I'm glad he is here safely but its upsetting to think that we both missed his birth and nobody told Phil what was going on he thought something was wrong.

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