Sunday, 29 January 2012

To dummy or not to dummy

I never wanted Seb to have a dummy, i don't like them at all, when i worked in childcare babies would come in with them and all the staff would take them straight out until naptime or if they were upset. I don't know why i don't like them, i just don't.
But i did buy a pack while pregnant and left them in the cupboard just in case.

So for the first couple of weeks we muddled along nicely, then one night at about 3am with a screeching baby i snapped at Phil to get a dummy in the steriliser NOW! Once it was sterile we popped it in and silence reigned and we all went straight to sleep. I was so glad for that pack in the cupboard! Since that day Seb was officially a dummy user, i am however quite mean, he only really has it at his naptime and bedtime and or if he has hurt himself and gets really upset. We don't tend to take them out with us and keep them out of the way and you will rarely find him in a photo with one in his mouth. In fact the only recent one i could find is this one of him asleep in the queue to see Santa.
I'm glad i gave into the dummy, i think it saved the three of us a lot of stressful nights when he was younger. However i still don't like them and i'm hoping we don't have it with us for too much longer.

Does your little one have a dummy? Does anyone know why i don't like them?!

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