Monday, 13 February 2012

Activity: Playdough play

And here is my little terror playing with the dough we made. As he is so little its more about touching the dough for him rather then doing anything with it. I let him get to grips with it and gave him a few utensils and showed him how to make marks in the dough.
He quite enjoyed it, although i do think he is a little young and will get more from it as he grows.
If your little ones are older theres loads you can do with dough, heres a couple of ideas
  • Cooking, give them all sorts of kitcheny things and let them pretend to cook. Old pans and cutlery are good, as are cake cases if they want to pretend to bake, you could even give them a tub of hundreds and thousands to decorate with.
  • Instead of just using dough to model give them shells, stones, straws, buttons to use in the modelling too.
  • Let the dough dry out a little and carve it instead of modelling with it.

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