Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Activity: Tray Painting

Yay more messy play! Todays post is a good way of introducing painting to older babies and toddlers who are a bit young to enjoy more traditional painting. Seb is 14 months now and is not ready for proper painting on paper yet so this is a fun alternative for us.

I got these Early Learning Centre Finger Paints for Seb for Christmas, they are aged 3+ but are also fantastic for younger children due to the thickness of the paint. They are great for doing hand and foot printing too. They come in packs of 4 for less then a fiver, i chose the neon brights. I really recommend these.
For this i picked the green.
Basically i painted Sebs highchair tray with a thick layer of the paint and put a few utensils on for him to play with. Then Seb was stripped down to his nappy. I know when i do messy play posts he tends to just be in a nappy but i find it much easier then using protective clothing as i can just chuck him straight in the bath after and theres no washing to do.
Into his highchair he went, i showed him how to use the utensils to make marks in the paint and also to make marks with his fingers too and he soon copied me. Remember to keep a cloth or wipes handy to wipe your hands. When marks had been made in the paint we got a sheet of paper laid it on top and made a print. Great for giving to grandmas!This isn't something that kept Seb amused for ages, probably 15 mins max and he did try to eat the paint off of the utensils but as long as you watch your little one like a hawk they shouldn't ingest too much!
Its a really simple activity and is very easy to clean up, the paint came off quickly with antibac wipes.

You don't have to do it on a highchair, any washable surface will work for this. It would be fab to do on surfaces with different textures for little ones to feel through the paint and would also be great to do outside in summer to minimise mess!

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