Sunday, 26 February 2012

Activity: Wibble Wobble

This is a really messy one but so cheap and easy.
We've done this activity a few times from when Seb was around 10 months old and you could do it with a younger baby too though beware they may just eat it all up.

Its jelly! Yes the wobbly stuff is great fun to play with and explore.
All you need is some jelly(i get the sugar free stuff and make it up but you could buy ready made)and some containers. You may also want to cover your floor for this one.

I make up the jelly, plonk Seb into his highchair, pop the set jelly onto his tray along with some containers and away he goes.
He loves squishing the jelly between his fingers, and picking up chunks of it and moving it in and out of containers, throwing it and eating it.
Even when we first started doing this at 10 months, it kept him amused for as long as 30 minutes which is amazing for that age. Its really fun to get yourself messy with this too get squishing the jelly in your hands, it encourages Seb more when i'm 'helping'.This is fantastic for a little ones fine motor skills and also for using their senses of taste, smell, sight and touch as well as just being a great excuse to be silly with them. You can introduce new words by talking about the textures and tastes.
Obviously it doesn't have to be done in a highchair, you can do it in a big container, or on the floor with a plastic covering or even in a cheap paddling pool.

Because Seb is only young i've always stuck with just a basic one colour jelly and he loves it but you could do loads with this for older children.
Why not make several colours seperately, or layered jelly. You can set things like plastic bugs or animals. inside the jelly for them to find. You could set fruit into it too.
If they are old enough get them to watch or help to make the jelly up, for us its everyday but for them seeing something change from powder(or jelly cubes) to liquid to jelly is just magical.
Or how about getting several flavours and doing a blindfolded taste test.

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