Thursday, 16 February 2012

Daddy Daycare

So who watched this last night? What did you think? I hated it.
What a ridiculous programme!
If you didn't watch it was 3 men, one who never spent time with his kids, one who who had an unexpected baby and had subsequently booked a vasectomy and the last didn't want children with his partner. They were put to work in a large nursery for a week.

The nursery was staffed by mums. Several were shown basically saying men know nothing etc. I did wonder what would happen if a man applied for a job there? Yes some men are a bit rubbish but there are some amazing dads and childcare workers out there.

Now some of the tasks they were left to do were quite frankly daft, i felt sorry for the men. In once scene one of the dads was left to get 12 toddlers to lie on their sleep mats and nap. How many people could do that? The nurseries i've worked in don't leave one person to get 12 toddlers to sleep and i doubt many people could actually do it unless the toddlers were very compliant!

For me it would have been much more interesting to have them speak about their issues and try to work through those and then perhaps have them spend time with their own children.

At the end of the programme, the first dad spent one who day with his kids, the second had his vasectomy and the third was trying for a baby(i think the change of heart would be more to do with him talking about why he didn't want a baby rather then spending a week in an nursery)

I think it would be interesting to see a programme on men who work in childcare, the positive things they bring to a setting and the prejudices they face.


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