Thursday, 9 February 2012

Huggies Cotton Soft Sheets

Huggles cotton soft sheets
When i saw these Huggies Cotton Soft Sheets while doing my weekly online shop i popped them into my basket right away. When Seb has a tooth coming he gets very bad nappy rash for a couple of days, it comes very quickly and bleeds and he cries so much when i change him that it makes me cry too. I have been using cotton wool balls and water to clean him instead of wipes when it happens and give him nappy free time and it clears quickly then reappears when the next one is coming.
I'm sure many of you know that its not easy cleaning them with cotton wool balls or pads, especially when you get the horrible poo that comes along with teething too. So thats why i was keen to try these out.
Made with natural fibres they are billed as an alternative to other cotton wool products as they are the size of a baby wipe meaning you get better coverage and they are gentle enough for newborns. You can use them dry, with water or with cream.

The packaging is much like a bag of cotton wool with the drawstring close at the top. You get 60 in a pack and they pull out one by one, joined a bit like sheets of loo roll. I did find the first couple of sheets ripped when pulled out but the rest were fine. They feel basically like a dry wipe but softer.

The first use of mine was on Sebs sore bum, i used them with warm water and i was impressed, they stayed strong and cleaned up sticky poo with no problems.
Then while Seb has been poorly i have used them dry on his nose as an alternative to tissue, again they worked well. He has managed not to get sore and dry around the sensitive bit under his nose.

Overall i am pretty pleased with these, i think they are a good idea. They would be fab to take in your hospital bag instead of normal cotton wool and also would be good for topping and tailing. I also think they would be good with cleanser on to take off mummys make up. They retail at around £1.50 a pack and i imagine some shops will have them on offer due to them being a new product.
I'll be getting some more and keeping them for days when Seb has nappy rash and also for when we go our Haven break for quick clean ups.

Have you tried these yet?

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