Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Organix Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers

The lovely people at Organix sent me(and Seb) some of their new Organic Mini Cheese Crackers last week. I was excited about this as i had seen them on their website and was wanting to get some as we are total cheese fiends in this house.

These retail at £1.99 and for that you get a box containing 4x20g bags of the crackers so it works out around 50p a pack which is pretty good.
Each bag has a generous amount of bit sized crackers inside, for Seb a bag would last for 2 snacktimes as he is only 14 months but obviously an older toddler would eat more.
I am quite fussy with food that i give Seb, snackwise he doesn't have crisps or sweets(he had a couple of choc buttons on his birthday and Christmas) so its always good to find something new that i am happy for him to eat. These are baked and contain organic wheat and rice flours, they have no added salt, no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogentated fat.

Now onto the most important thing.. the taste!
Seb gobbled his up and of course i had to try some too. They are really tasty, of course they taste cheesey but its not overpowering. Seb has had his plain at snacktime and also dunked in homemade soup. I think they'd also be nice with cheesespread.

My overall verdict is that these are fab to keep in your handbag for when you're out and about and make a fab snack for your little one(and mum too).

These will be available from Boots, Waitrose and Asda.
For more info on these click here

**These were sent to me for review but the opinons expressed are my own**

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