Saturday, 11 February 2012

Strict routine or baby led?

I saw this on a friends Facebook profile and it made me smile.
Now i don't for one second have any issue with people who follow Gina Ford or any other routines out there, its whatever works for you but i knew even before Seb was born it wouldn't work for me. I don't like strict routine and so wouldn't impose one on my baby.

Instead we went for a baby led approach, it wasn't something i thought about, i just went with the flow. Fed on demand when he was small, let him sleep when he wants to sleep and i would never wake him unless absolutely necessary.
For us it works well, we have a rough order to the day but no definate times for things and i have a very laid back boy. He gradually set his own bedtime finally settling on 7pm and we've stuck at that but thats about all.

While doing training to be a nursery nurse(many moons ago) it was rammed into us that babies NEED a strict routine and that followed through into nursery work that i did, set times for meals, naps and acitivities. Yet when i went onto to do my degree in Early Childhood Studies i did alot of reading and got more experience and my thoughts changed.
Yes certain things need to be done each day and its easier if you have some kind of order to it especially in those early days but i don't think a one routine fits all approach is necessary and in some cases can add pressure onto new mums, why get a baby up at 7am if they are sleeping soundly? Why not catch up on a bit of sleep yourself?
As long as everything gets done does it really matter if its not done at a certain time?


ETA- Thank you for the comments on this post, if i reply to each them i will be repeating myself on each one so i'll say it here. Its really interesting getting everyones views and i hope people enjoy reading mine. I think its very much down to your personality and your own baby as to how you approach these things!

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