Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thinking about number two

Maybe i'm mad but the day after having Seb, i was sat in my hospital bed with him fast asleep in his cot and i turned and asked Phil when we were going to have another. Obviously i was semi joking but i have always wanted a big family. My mum was one of 6, I am one of 4 and my sister has 5 children so we have quite a large family really.
Ideally i would love to have 6 children, and if we won the lottery i would happily buy a big house and fill it up but sadly we have to be practical and so 2 or 3 children will be our limit. I don't want huge gaps, i am the youngest by 8 years and though i had a fab upbringing i would have loved a sibling close in age to me.

But when do you start planning for baby number 2? How do you know when its the right time? Is there ever a right time?

I have been so broody since Seb was born, my womb literally aches for another baby and i can't help but cry everytime a baby is born on tv. I think mother nature is trying to tell me something! Phil is broody too, even he gets a little tear when watching One Born Every Minute and coos over newborns when we are out.
Before now its not been practical to have another, financially it would have been a struggle and we don't have the space.... but in January we are hoping to move somewhere bigger and our finances are on a more even keel these days now so maybe we are heading towards the right time.
Oh but we're getting married in September, do i want to be a pregnant bride? Its all such a big decision!

If you are onto number 2 or 3 or more, how do you know when its the right time?!

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