Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Activity: Gloop

Last week we made gloop for the first time.
I've used gloop before but always with older children so i wasn't sure how Seb would take to it so i only made a small amount.
In preparation i put cardboard down on the kitchen floor to take any overspill, please cover your floor if doing this as the cardboard was covered in the end.

Gloop is simple though you do need to play around with the amount of ingrediants. All you need is cornflour, water and if you want to you can add food colouring and glitter. Pop the cornflour into a container(i used a big tupperware tub) then add the water just a bit at a time and mix until you get a lovely thick milkshakey type texture. Then add some colouring and glitter. I used green this time.
Gloop is fun! Put your hands in and you will feel its solid but pick it up and its liquid, a great sensory experience.

I have to say Seb totally amazed me, he played with this for a whole hour and would have carried on but it was getting late and he needed some food and a bath!
He did try eating it a couple of time, shoving his whole face in, but soon learnt it didn't taste to good! This would be fun to do in a paddling pool with LO in, it can also be done in a water tray outside reducing the mess


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