Thursday, 15 March 2012

Activity: Homemade paints

We all know how our little ones like to taste anything, particularly something they shouldn't be having and it worries alot of us when painting that they will be poorly through eating the paint.
Well worry no more, you can make some paint really easily and it won't make them ill if they eat it(although it probably won't taste that good).

You just need a cup of cornflour, half a cup of cold water, 2 cups of boiling water and some food colouring.
First mix the cornflour and cold water together, then add the boiling water and stir until it turns into a lovely smooth, thick mixture.
Pop into the containers you are using( i used a couple of old tupperware type dishes and a yoghurt pot) and then add a few drops of the food colouring and stir in. Leave to cool and they will thicken to a finger paint type consistancy, i covered mine once cooled and left for a few days and they lasted well just needing a quick stir when i uncovered them.
We took advantage of the sunshine and did our painting outside(no mess inside yay!) Seb isn't to keen on painting on paper yet so i put the paints onto his tray and let him use his fingers and tools to make marks on it.
Ironically Seb didn't try to eat this, not once.

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