Thursday, 1 March 2012

Activity: Mousse loose about this house

Yes, i know its Moose but for this post Mousse works better.

Yes its another (very) messy play post, two in a week?! I am spoiling you!
Like the jelly post from Sunday this is something we have done a few times and have been doing since Seb was quite young(around 9-10 months).
This gets incredibly messy for us, so cover the floor before you attempt it and make sure you have a bath ready for after.

So what am i using that creates so much mess? Simple, we are using Angel Delight(other brands are available!.
Again its so simple, you just need to mix up the powder with milk, pop it into a container and put on the highchair tray along with some utensils(we used paintbrushes, spoons and a whisk).
This keeps Seb amused for ages, he thinks its hilarious.

Seb enjoys grabbing handfuls of the stuff and closing his first so it squishes out and between his fingers, mixing it with the utensils, shaking his hands with it on them and of course tasting it.

What is this on my hands?I'll try clappingSo all in all its a great sensory activity.

To adapt it for older children you could hide things in the delight for them to find, get them to help make it so they can see it change from powder to pudding and do taste tests with different flavours. You can also do painting onto paper with it but remember to throw away regularly before it goes manky.

Have fun!

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