Friday, 30 March 2012

Activity: Water play

I'm sure there are many of us who are being slow on the blogging from this week due to the lovely weather and wanting to spend time outside instead.
It means some posts have had to be put back until next week but we've had a fab time.
I got a fab bargain this week, i went out for a walk, popped into Asda and came home with a sand and water table for £15! I'm so happy with this as they sell similar ones in ELC for £45, they only had 2 left so i had to get it there and then. It was super easy to put together and also has a lid with it. Its meant to be for ages 3+ but its a great size for Seb and just means we'll get longer usage from it.

So i filled it with some warm water and some toys and let Seb have a play.
He loved it and played for about an hour despite being soaking wet by the end, he loved the stacking cups i put in there and also loved just splashing and dripping water from his hands onto the floor.

I'm pleased with this and i have so many ideas of things to use it for, lets just hope the weather complies!

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