Monday, 26 March 2012

Booking in

On Friday i had my booking in appointment with the midwife(actually there was 2 of them). Although its less then 2 years since my last booking in appointment the list of questions has grown and this time i had to have a carbon monoxide test which was a new one on me and then had 4 lots of blood taken. They asked about nuchal testing which we had decided to decline which suprised them as they said pretty much everyone has it.
We discussed my previous birth experience and they were asking me questions that i couldn't answer like how dilated did i get etc and couldn't believe i had no idea and due to the nature of Sebs birth they couldn't believe nobody had gone through it with me afterwards. I am going to be having shared care this time around and will have a consultant appoinment at around 20 weeks and he will have all my notes from last time and they've asked me to go through it all with him. I am aiming for a vaginal birth although that depends on the consultant and i may have extra scans later in my pregnancy too.
I have booked in at a different hospital from last time, that was my main worry as i was not happy with the care i had(after Sebs birth) and i knew it would play on my mind.

I am really happy with how this first appointment went and it all feels so much more real now! I have to call the hospital in a couple of days to book our 12 week scan. According to the midwife i am 9 weeks and 1 day today so i shouldn't have to wait too long!

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