Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Don't say no to sex says Gina Ford

Well i had planned a different post for today but i had to write about this!

The guru that is Gina Ford has a new book out and has today made headlines for the advice that women should be showing sexual interest in their partner 4-6 weeks after the birth of a baby.
This advice is given to new mums because essentially their partner may feel left out with a new baby in the relationship and you can read more here.

Now if any mum wants to get back into the swing of things that soon then thats fantastic but really advising others who may not want to be intimate so soon to "grin and bear it" is pretty awful. Those first weeks with a baby are exhausting and any spare time is generally spent sleeping, tidying or getting through the mountain of washing that is building up. Apart from that many women are still suffering physically from after effects of the birth anything from still bleeding, stitches or a sore scar from a c-section. Personally although i recovered well from my section at 6 weeks i was still bleeding and quite frankly i was exhausted and hardly felt sexy.

I can understand a father feeling a little left out when a baby arrives but i wouldn't think much of a man who expected his partner to be sexually active with him when she wasn't ready. Anyway why would a man want to have sex with someone who was just bearing it?

However, I have to say i do agree with her on the point that couples need time together, we are lucky that Seb was a very easy baby so we didn't have to leave him to be able to have a break as he slept well and we could just spend an evening having a cuddle on the sofa while watching a DVD. I'm not sure i could have left my newborn though as she advises as it just goes against what i personally wanted to do although i know others who go on date nights and as long as baby is being well looked after then all is good.

I will say this furore has given her some free publicity though its online, in newpapers and on tv.
What do you think of what Gina Ford has to say?

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