Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hormone central

My god i forgot about how your moods change from one minute to the next while pregnant, these hormones have ALOT to answer for!

Phil was on a late shift today so this morning we got up, had a lovely breakfast singing along to a kids nursery rhymes CD. Then i had a shower and suddenly my mood dropped, i didn't want to go out as planned then i started moaning on about the house and what a mess it was(it really wasnt that bad!), it got the point where i was shouting at poor Phil who understandably had no idea what to say and then i started screeching that he was making it worse by not answering me back. Then 5 minutes later i was crying apologising for being awful to him while he cuddled me(probably trying not to laugh).

We never argue really so he was a bit surprised by my outburst and i feel awful about it so i have made a big heart shaped dish of cheesey pasta and i am going to try and keep my mood swings to the minimum for the next few months. Wish me luck!


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