Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Palmers Mother and Baby products

I've been meaning to write about Palmers for ages!
Palmers Cocoa Butter is one of my all time favourite products to use on my skin, yes i stray from it but always end up coming back to it in the end, i love the smell and how soft and lovely it makes my skin feel. I've used lots of the Palmers products over the years and have always liked them so when i was pregnant with Seb i was really excited to buy their baby products and want to share them with you are they are a brand i love and have often blogged about on my other blog.

I stocked up on their Bottom Butter and Baby Butter and we have used them from day 1. I love sniffing Seb when he has been moisturised after a bath.

A while ago i was looking for more of their products to try and came across this Lil Face Butter, unfortunatly its not available to buy in this country at the moment but i managed to source some online and we have been using it on Sebs cheeks to protect him from the wind.

A product that is on my to try list is their Nursing Butter, i didn't know about this when i had Seb, but i'm aiming to breastfeed the bump when it arrives so i want to get hold of some. My local Boots don't have it so i think i'll have to order online. I'm going to do a giveaway with some Palmers products in the next week or so so keep your eyes peeled!
Do you use any Palmers products?

***I haven't been contacted to post about this brand, i just wanted to let everyone know about some fab products :)

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