Monday, 12 March 2012

Posting photos of your children

Some of you will remember a a previous post i did regarding some bath products for Seb. In that post there are photos of him having a lovely time playing in the bath obviously with no clothes on.
This morning i received a comment on the post from another blogger. The comment reads

Quite shocked you have a fully naked picture of you son, with all the word to see or the perverts to copy and paste

This comment got me thinking about putting pictures of our children on our blogs.

Now i appreciate some people aren't comfortable having photos of their children with no clothes on online for hundreds of reasons and that's fine and totally their choice. But i don't mind putting them on, if i was posting nothing but naked photos of my child, yes i could understand someone being shocked but it was a post about bath products!

We have absolutely loads of photos of Seb with no clothes on, i love his squishy little bum and his pot belly and shock horror sometimes i share them!! I am also happy for him to be naked in public(on the beach, swimming pool changing rooms, outside in his paddling pool etc).
From my point of view, nobody can harm my child from viewing a picture on a computer screen, so even if an undesirable happened to find a photo of Seb online nothing is going to happen to him. Paedophiles don't just like looking at naked children, they like looking at children with clothes on too. Interestingly during my degree we had a guest lecturer who worked with paedophiles who actually told us that in fact a paedophile would prefer to see a child dressed as a child. I'm not sure if thats factual or just her findings as its not my area of expertise but i remember it well as it was something i found odd but interesting at the time.

In reality your child is more likely to be harmed by someone they or you know rather then a total stranger either.

I will again say that i understand why some people don't want to put photos up, thats their choice, but mine was to pop those pictures on a relevent post and thats my choice, I appreciate the commenters concern but we all have different viewpoints.


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