Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sebs been shopping

At the weekend we got Seb his first pair of shoes.
I'm quite old fashioned and have waited until he has started walking to get him any shoes, before now its been socks or bare feet.
We went to Clarks but quite frankly the service was appaling(the shoes weren't too pretty either), the woman measured him incorrectly saying he was a whole size bigger then he actually is and the shoes she put on him fell off his feet and she was incredibly rude when i pointed out they were too big. We left with no size for him. I hate slating a company but i was incredibly dissapointed and have emailed to complain(which isn't like me!).
Anyway to cut a long story short he is the proud owner of some lovely Converse lo-tops, i originally wanted the hi-tops but the warmer weather is coming i figured these would be better, the lady in the shop couldn't have been more helpful, she really made sure they fit properly before letting us buy them. Sebs great grandma recently gave him some money to spend on summer clothes rather then buying him Easter eggs or toys and he managed to spend that too.
I'm not usually a fan of slogan tops with monkey/monster etc on but the colour of this top is amazing, really bright(much brighter then the picture) and it came in a set with this cute striped tee.

Set of t-shirts-Debenhams
Mummy had been waiting for these tops to come into stock in H&M, so we snapped them up :)
Grey checked shorts-H&M, i want these in the other colours too :)Ohh and we got more toys, the wooden alphabet blocks are a bit old for Seb but will look fab in his room and the ball drop is his new favourite toy. Both together were £8!
What have you been buying your little one recently?

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