Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mums 101

I was tagged by Honeysmummy to take part in Mums 101, a meme where you can vent about the top 3 annoyances about being a mum. At first i thought this would be hard, but actually its easy!

1. The breastfeeding vs formula feeding debate. This drives me mad, i tried to breastfeed and it didn't work out, so i switched to formula and have a very healthy boy. We are lucky enough in this country to have an educated choice. As long as a baby is fed and healthy does it really matter?

2. People who look back with rose tinted spectacles. "My child never had a tantrum/was potty trained by 3 months etc". Whatever!

3. People hogging the pushchair space on the bus. We use buses alot and people are so bloody rude. In the last couple of weeks, i have seen a woman refusing to fold her(empty) buggy so that someone else could get on with a pushchair and another woman who wouldn't turn her pushchair around so that we could get on with our pushchair . Seriously why are people so rude, i always go out of my way for other people and it pisses me off that others are so ignorant. I'm too much of a wuss to speak up especially when the bus drivers just shrug their shoulders and won't back you up.

I tag everyone in this, its very theraputic! Remember to link back to Never Bored of Bubbles so people can come and read the other posts.


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