Friday, 20 April 2012

Severe lack of motivation

In the words of Bruno Mars "Today i don't feel like doing anything"

As soon as i woke up this morning i knew it was going to be one of those days, i didn't want to get out of bed but obviously the child shouting mimmy(i'm not mama anymore) at me from his cot needed to be tended too.
There are so many things i should be doing today
  • Cleaning
  • Sorting out what we are taking to Haven and making sure its all washed/dry
  • Cooking something healthy for dinner
  • Tackling the washing pile
  • Sorting out Sebs toys which are taking over
The list goes on, however instead i have sat and watched daytime tv(did anyone see Jezza this morning? Has he really slept with over 2000 women?!), got some soup out of the ice box for lunch and a mini fish pie out for Sebs dinner, watched some more daytime tv and am now on my laptop mindlessly browsing.
The food shop is being delivered later, that is something i can say i've achieved!

Am i the only one that has days like this?
Pre children, i enjoyed days like these, obviously with working and partying these days were few and far between and they were a luxury.
But now actually hate them, i have no motivation to get off my bum and do anything even though there is so much to do and i feel like i'm being terrible to Seb by leaving him on the floor to play with his toys(not that he seems to mind).

Tell me i'm not a terrible mother?!

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