Sunday, 15 April 2012

Twelve weeks

Well today i have reached 12 weeks. I can't believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone, it just seems to have flown by, my stomach is growing, i was retaining water but thats gone and now a bump is coming even though bump is around the size of a lime. My boobs are also huge, they feel so full and heavy, and i really need to get some new bras.
I actually feel really good, i'm glad the morning sickness stayed away this time, i've had a little dizziness but only on a few days where i haven't had enough to drink. I've also had heartburn a couple of times, i have some Rennies and will get some Gaviscon from the doctors when i get the chance to go up there. I'm still getting bouts of tiredness but its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago thank god so i feel like a much better mum to Seb!

We have been naughty and have already been buying a few little bits, i'll have to do a post soon as its so tiny and sweet! We are planning on getting a crib but are now thinking of just getting a new cot as Sebs is ruined anyway so we will need a new one.

Tomorrow afternoon i have my scan, i've got that nervous and excited feeling. Last time i was convinced they would say that i had made a mistake, i wasn't pregnant at all. This time i don't have that worry, but i am scared of there being no heartbeat or just of something being terribly wrong. On the flipside i am so excited about seeing our baby dancing away, and getting that massive rush of emotions that comes with it. I think my dates will change, i am currently due 28th October but i think they will put me back a week or so as my cycles were quite irregular.
I've got my pound coins ready so will hopefully be back with a lovely clear scan picture tomorrow.


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