Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Pre baby i was a bit clueless about babywearing, i never really noticed others doing it and never really thought about it. 
Once i was pregnant though i found myself drawn towards to the idea, i still didn't know much about carriers and slings but i liked the idea of baby being close to me(or Phil) and with that in mind i ordered a carrier(well actually i won one on ebay) and thought i would give it a go. 
When Seb was born it was in the middle of the worst snow in history so for the first couple of weeks we didn't venture out too much and definately not with him in the carrier as i was wary of slipping. As i had a c-section it was probably a good thing anyway. When we did start using it Seb loved it, he settled well and i found it easy to use, it meant i could get the bus without waiting for a new one that we could get the pushchair on or one without pushchairs already on or go for a walk without having the lug the travel system outside and assemble first. We found it most useful when going swimming, our pool has nowhere that you can store a pushchair and we don't have a car, so we would walk down with him in the sling instead. However Seb put on weight very quickly(he was 20lb at around 6 months) and he has always been long so that meant it wasn't too long before i wasn't able to carry him and that was the end of our babywearing journey.
Since then i have educated myself a bit more on babywearing, and this time i am going to go for a sling instead of using the carrier again. Slings are better for a babys spine and hips as they are being held in a more natural position. 
I have heard nothing but good reviews for Victoria the Slinglady, i first heard about her on a parenting website and i have since looked at her facebook page(search Victoria the Slinglady), website and ebay shop(victoria-slinglady). I think i will be ordering a Smith-Firm wrap from her which can be used from birth to 3 years and see how we get on with it. 

Did you or do you babywear?

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