Family outing: Ponderosa, not your typical farm

On Saturday we were at a loose end and it was a gorgeous day(after weeks of grey skies), so we decided to go to Ponderosa Rare Breeds Farm. We've been a couple of times before and enjoyed it, i particularly like it as it is much more then a typical farm.
It started as a hobby but soon became an important part of the community providing personal development for local people who lacked self esteem or communication skills and many of these people now work there. There is also a daycare centre catering for people with a variety of needs. I think this is a fantastic resource. 

For us there is a lovely farm with friendly staff to visit. They have chickens, pigs, rabbits etc alongside meerkats, reptiles, llamas, a tapir and reindeer. The list is endless. There is also a lovely restaurant, an ice cream parlour, lots of play equipment, a huge beach, pony rides and lots of picnic tables and benches dotted around. Oh and they even have a soft play centre.

This time we chose to just visit the farm and take a picnic so that we could enjoy the sunshine. I was taken with this lovely donkey and Seb loved the chickens and pigs. Phil however is a wuss and wouldn't stroke the animals. 
A very smiley Llama
 A reindeer on his summer break
 Chickens are funny!
 Another thing that i like about this place is that they have have sanitizing pumps all over so that you can make sure you keep you and your little ones hands fresh and clean.

We all have a lovely time and we will be going back in the summer. Well worth a visit.

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