Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I posted back in Febraury that Seb had taken his first steps. Well after that he decided walking wasn't all its cracked up to be and went back to crawling or using his walker. I wasn't too worried as i was a late walker and i knew he'd get there in the end but its frustrating for both me and him as he has been missing out on things not being able to walk plus he is really bloody heavy to carry about all the time. 

Anyway on Saturday afternoon he randomly walked to Phil, after lots of clapping and cheering from us(his favourite thing at the moment) he decided he'd walk over to me, and then back to Phil and back to me, he did it about 20 times. Then on Sunday he did more walking, over to his toys and to Phil. 

So i think i may finally have a walker!!

Also over the last couple of weeks he has decided feeding himself with a fork and spoon actually is quite fun and he doesn't need out help anymore.

Where is my baby going?

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