Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maternity fashion- New Look

Anyone who is or has been pregnant knows that the offerings on our high street for pregnant women can be quite frankly dire. I don't wear jeans, so that instantly takes out 60% of the clothes that are available and i don't want to spend a fortune on things that frankly i know i'll be sick to death of wearing by the time baby arrives.
I have quite a bump already(i think Seb destroyed my stomach muscles) so have been on the lookout for a few nice bits recently as well as working out what thats already in my wardrobe will be suitable for my growing stomach. I thought that while i am on the hunt i will do a series of posts of high street shops who are doing some lovely bits.

I noticed that New Look have a whole section on their website dedicated to their maternity range and we also have a fairly new New Look store nearby(at Trinity Walk if you know it) and it has a fairly decent range in store if you prefer to shop that way. 

I love this purple maxi dress,and at £19.99 its a bargain, sadly its to long and would drown me as i'm 5ft! It comes in other colours too but i love this one. 

 If i was still working, i would be buying this Heavenly Bump navy dress, its really pretty and will be nice in summer and in winter with tights.
This Mama-licious is pricey for New Look at £37.99 but i'm a sucker for lace and ts a lovely summery colour.
 This pink sundress is another bargain at £12.99, i actually own this for when we start having warm days as i remember being uncomfortbale in heat with Seb so a nice cotton dress should help keep me cool, it comes in several other colours too.

These are all available online now. 

Even with the dedicated section online its still worth checking instore as i got this navy polka dot dress with belt and i've never seen it online!

Happy shopping :)

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