Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Those magical first movements

Tomorrow i will be 14 weeks pregnant, which is amazing, time has flown by so far. 
I feel fab, i missed morning sickness this time and my tiredness has eased off for now so i'm looking forward to being more fun for Seb. I've had some heartburn on and off, so Gaviscon is a must have now.

Apparantly moomin(which is what have taken to calling the bump) is around 8cm long now and is starting to get eyebrows and hair on their head. So strange!

For a few days now i've felt little movements when i'm sat still or lying in bed. It feels like a mixture of flutters and that feeling when you go up and down a hill really fast. I was so amazed by this as last time i had an anterior placenta and i didn't feel any movements until much later on and even then they were quite dull and Phil couldn't really feel Seb move either so this time will hopefully be different.

I came home last week to find 2 letters, one with our 20 week scan date in June and the other for a consultant appointment in July. I have a lovely long list of questions ready to ask the consultant so she will probably hate me! I really can't wait to find out the sex, we found out with Seb but i don't remember being as eager as i am now, once we know we can start talking about names properly and either get all of Sebs old bits out to keep or start buying some pretty girly things. 

We're also deliberating if we should go for a crib or cot, Seb went straight into his cot and we also co-slept at times so i  imagine we will again. Cribs are lovely and would take up less space for a while but i'm not sure. No moses basket for us as i have a weird dislike of them, and also it wouldn't last any time at all if this one is as tall as Seb was. 

I have decided not to go for a double pushchair, Seb will be nearly 2 by the time baby arrives, so depending on where we go, i will be babywearing with Seb in his pushchair or Seb will be walking with baby in the travel system. So at least thats one decision made!

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