Friday, 29 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Graze Box, try one for free!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Graze boxes, for those that haven't Graze are a company that send you boxes with 4 healthy snacks in through the post. You can choose what day you want them delivered and can tell them which snacks you'd like to to try and which you don't want to be sent. 

I've used Graze over the last couple of years, i used to get a weekly box and now just get one off boxes maybe once a month as a treat to myself and Seb who likes trying out the snacks too. I love not knowing what i'm going to get until it pops through my letterbox. This week i treated myself to one and this is what i was sent.
Fennel seed and honey peanuts, Salsa Mexicanos, Fiery seeds and Herby Bread Basket

Me and Seb have already scoffed the mexicanos and herby bread basket both were lovely. I'm saving the other two for when i can eat them in peace!

Each box costs £3.49 but if you are a new customer and order one using the code WX31CWH  then you get your first box free. They do ask you to put your card details in but if you cancel after the first box no further payment is taken so its well worth doing to try before you buy.

If you do decide to order try i will be given a £1 off a future box(i didn't want to post without saying!) once you become a customer you will also get a code to give to others so they can get a free box and you will get £1 off. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Beautiful blogger

Lucy from Leopard Print Mommny has tagged me with a beautiful blogger award.

So the award requires me to tell you 7 facts about myself.
1. I've been a blogger for nearly 4 years and i love it. This blog has only existed for about 6 months but I also have a fashion blog(though i'm taking a break from it at the moment). Blogging has allowed me to meet some fabulous people and i've also been lucky enough to get some great opportunities through it.

2. I co own 3 dogs with my parents. We got them when i still lived at home. I have Oscar and Coco who are Lhasa Apso's and Millie who is a Lhasa crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier. I am very much a dog person, cats are ok but dogs i love.
 3. I love Italian food, if i have a choice of restaurant i always go for Italian. Carbonara is a favourite of mine.

 4. I love listening to the radio, i much prefer it to the tv. I don't stick to one station, i like Radio 4(Womans Hour), Radio 5 when i go to bed or for news and me and Seb are often found shaking our stuff to various music stations. I would quite happily go without a tv and i actually did at uni and didn't miss it at all.

5. I have 10 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 17 years to 4 weeks old. When bump is born my parents will have enough grandchildren to form a football team.

6. I can be very competitive, i get this from my dad. I love quiz shows, and woe bedtide anyone who tries to outbid me on ebay. Phil actually banned me from playing Monopoly at one point! Luckily this trait doesn't tend to come out in everyday life its saved for games etc!

7. I have over 100 pairs of shoes. I love a pretty shoe but sadly i always seem to wear boring ones these days.

Now i am meant to tag others in this but i believe alot of people have already been tagged, so i'm leaving it open for others to do if they wish. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Olympic Torch comes to West Yorkshire

Yesterday the Olympic Torch came to our town. Phil had the morning off work so the three of us headed down to see it. 
Those who follow me on twitter may have seen my mini rant about them not closing off the road so cars were still coming down where there were lots of people(including school groups) lining the pavement which was pretty dangerous and then typically a van stopped right in front of us when the torch came meaning we had to stand in the middle of the road to see anything. Despite the bad organisation it was lovely to see so many people out, the town is usually pretty dead as theres not much here(i'm assured it used to be thriving) so it was really good seeing people from babies upto elderly people mixing and enjoying themselves. 

Apart from the van incident, we managed to get a good spot at the front and we managed to time it well so Seb didn't get bored waiting. 

 You can just see them changing the torch over

If you get the chance i defiantely recommend taking your little one along.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Babies in Waiting

I don't know if i've mentioned it before but i love to read and although i don't get to do it as much these days i grab the chance whenever i can. As football has been a nightly fixture in our house over the last couple of weeks, Phil ordered me this book to read after i'd mentioned it to him. 
Now being pregnant the title grabbed me right away and when i read the description on Amazon it made me want it more. 

Meet Louise, 38, Toni, 26 and Gemma, 18. They are all expecting babies in September. One of them conceived in a hurry because she was running out of time. One of them fell pregnant to keep a man and one got knocked up by mistake after a one-night-stand. But none of them realized what they would come up against as they face nine long months of pregnancy, and the reactions of friends, family and colleagues. Meeting through an online forum, they form an unlikely but powerful bond. When it seems that all they have is each other, their lives will be thrown into turmoil, as a blast from the past threatens to destroy everything. Babies in Waiting is a heart-warming novel about motherhood, friendship and finding love at the most surprising time in your life. It is also very funny, sexy and utterly compelling.(taken from Amazon)

When i was pregnant with Seb i joined an online forum on  a baby site and a on there a group of mums who had babies due in November 2010. Then we moved onto a facebook group and its amazing to have a little community who are all very different but very supportive of each other.  A big group of us went on a night out in December and it was fab meeting them. So the idea of this book appealed.

Now i won't lie,  this book isn't the best book i've ever read but its a nice easy read for those who like chick lit, well it beats watching the football!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Playing the name game

Well, now we've had our scan and found out that we're having a boy its time to think seriously about names for this little one aka playing the name game.

Names can be such a personal thing and peoples tastes vary hugely. So many things influence us age, family, the area we live, aspirations,and our lifestyle. There are alot of names that i would never use but to other people they fit into their family and life perfectly. We all have different taste and styles, so live and let live.

When i was pregnant with Seb he was going to be called Henry, we didn't tell anyone we wanted it to be a surprise when he was born. Then during my pregnancy my nephew was born and they called him.....yes thats right, Henry. I was pretty upset, even though i didn't own the name and it wasn't done on purpose, in my mind the baby inside me was Henry. After a couple of weeks i got over it and we ended up with a list of 3 names which we took into the delivery room with us, i kind of knew he would be a Sebastian though. 

The problem with baby names is everyone has their opinion,  we liked Sebastian because its not a common name(he was the second our midwife had met in over 30 years) but its not weird. I like that its a proper grown up name that you can imagine a doctor or lawyer using but it has Seb as a nickname which is young and funky, he also has his middle name (Oliver) to use if he wishes. However both mine and Phils mums weren't keen at all, i can be bloody minded and so i stuck with it and now they can't imagine him being called anything else.
For me, this is the reason i won't share a baby name before the birth, i've read posts from countless women on baby sites upset that people have criticised the name of their unborn child, saying they've been reduced to tears and are reconsidering despite wanting to call their child x for years. I do always make a point to tell someone if i think the name they have chosen is particularly lovely as the chances are they will have had some negative comments especially if it is unsual. . If a name isn't to my taste i just wouldn't comment on it(well maybe to Phil if it was really awful)

So its down to me and Phil to pick a name, my taste is a bit more quirky then Phil's for example i like Dale for a girl(after an old movie star) he thinks its ridiculous. I also like alot of hippyish names whereas he prefers more traditional names. Again we would like something unusual but not unheard of, we also need something that sounds good with Sebastian and also with our double barrelled surname. There are some names we like but no decisions have been made so any suggestions are welcome!

How did you choose a name for your little one/s? Did you get any negative comments?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Creamy Coriandar Chicken

This is what we had on Monday night, it was new to us and was lovely, all 3 of us enjoyed it so i thought i'd post it up here. I got this from a recipe book but it was very basic so i treated it like a base and added a bit extra to it. You could chop and change the ingrediants easily enough to suit your tastes.

3 small chicken breasts cut into large chunks
small bunch of fresh coriander chopped roughly
4 tbsp creme fraiche
1/2 onion chopped
clove of garlic chopped

Heat some oil in a frying pan and add the chicken breasts, fry until nearly cooked through and add the onions and garlic and fry until the chicken is cooked and onions softened.
Add the creme fraiche to the pan and stir until melted, then add the coriander. Leave to bubble for 1-2 minutes.
Serve! We had ours with rice, roasted peppers and naan bread(excuse the amount of rice, i cooked far too much so shoved it all on Phils plate!
Such an easy simple tea!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review: Flexi Bath

Hands up, who remembers giving your newborn that first terrifying bath? Bathing Seb was one of my only fears about becoming a mum, i don't know why, it just was! Apparently mums used to be shown how to bath their baby in hospital, do they still do that anywhere?
In our old flat storage space was scarce so we didn't get a baby bath and instead opted for a fabric bath support which is great in theory but not so great when you have a wriggly baby. I wish that i had known there was an alternative to the traditional bulky baby bath.
The Flexi bath is a funky plastic baby bath that can be folded flat when not in use for easy storage. Amazing, it will fit in the smallest space, even under your bed! Although it looks small once opened its the same size as a normal baby bath, and holds 39 litres of water. It comes in a range of bright colours and has its own plug for easy drainage. It can be used in lots of ways, the traditional baby bath at home, as a travel baby bath, 
for water play, outdoor play, for toy storage, the list is endless. It can also be easily stored away between babies.
We were sent a Flexi bath to review, and with the unexpected sunshine we've had in the last couple of days we decided to test it out by using it for water play outside. We filled it with warm water and toys, stripped Seb off and popped him in. He had a very happy 45 minutes splashing and pouring water.
The bath itself is sturdy and feels safe to use, Seb was certainly very comfy in it!
I think this is a fab product and i really wish i had known about it when Seb was born. I love that it comes in bright colours, it stands out from the crowd and obviously the fact it can be folded away and stored is a huge bonus. It retails at £29.95 which is a little bit more then a traditional bath, but i think if you are short on space, travel alot or simply love products that are a little bit different its well worth paying a bit extra. Available to buy here.

I'm going to be reviewing this again once the bump arrives, to see how i get on with it as a baby bath.

***I was sent this item for review purposes but all opinions are my own***

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

On Monday he ate...

I've noticed quite a few food baby/toddler food posts floating around recently so thought i would do one of my own. I try to keep Sebs food interesting and try him with lots of different things and he is willing to try anything at the moment which i love. 

On Monday Seb ate....

 Breakfast- 2 cinnamon rolls and chopped melon along with 1/2 pint of full fat milk in his cup, i like simple no fuss breakfasts that he can get on with while i sort bits and bobs out in the morning
 Lunch- Homemade Carrot and Coriander soup followed by fresh pineapple chunks, with water to drink in his cup
 Afternoon snack- A party ring and some water. It was the first time he's ever had a party ring and he wasn't that keen(strange child!)
 Dinner- Creamy coriandor chicken with roasted peppers and rice and naan bread, Seb loves peppers and ended up stealing mine too. Strawberries for pudding and another 1/2 pint of full fat milk in his cup
 What did your little one eat today?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday

As i didn't do a foodie Friday post last week i have made up for it by doing a Meal Planning Monday post today. 
So here are this weeks dinners....

Monday-Creamy Coriander Chicken with rice and naan
Tuesday-Salmon Crumble for Phil and Seb, jacket potato with cheese for me
Wednesday- Tomato pasta bake
Thursday-Chicken skewers with jackets and veg
Friday- Pasta with cheese sauce and sweetcorn

I'm really looking forward to tonights meal,  its a new one for us so if its nice i'll blog the recipe on Friday.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gender Disappointment

On Thursday we had our 20 week scan. There was all of the usual excitement and gender guessing beforehand, and near enough everyone predicted that our bump was a little girl, mainly due to this pregnancy being so different from Seb's. 
I have never made a secret of wanting a little girl, i have always looked in the girls section of clothes shops and even have two beautiful vintage baby dresses at my parents house worn by me and my sister, waiting to be worn again. Its not that i don't like having a boy, i love it, the rough and tumble the funky bright clothes but i still yearn for a girl and i felt it would make our family complete, especially as this pregnancy has made me seriously think about how many children i want.

So there i was laid on the bed with the ice cold jelly on my stomach looking at my beautiful baby on screen(our sonographer this time was amazing and showed us everything from kidneys to eyes) when the sonographer said it looked like a little boy to her and proceeded to show us his bits. I felt a horrible wave of disappointment and sadness wash over me. Of course i was happy that we had a happy and healthy baby, after all that was the main reason for the scan but i couldn't shake off the sad feeling. When we got home i had a little cry over it. At the same time i felt guilt that i am so lucky and i shouldn't be feeling this way.

A little later i announced that we were having a boy on twitter, the congratulations came rolling in(thank you all again!) and several mums of 2 boys told me that they had felt disappointment at first but now love having 2 boys and telling me how much fun they are. These lovely women actually made me realise its ok to feel the way i was feeling and actually its pretty normal! It always seem to be a bit taboo to be dissapointed over the sex of your baby, but its a very real feeling and i think being honest about it has helped me.

Gender dissapointment,  scan

 Now that its sunk in i am actually pretty excited. My older brothers have 25 months between them and have always been very close. Its going to be so lovely watching two boys grow up together, causing mischief and running rings around me!
I would still love a little girl, its not gone away and in a few years we will try for another baby, in the meantime i have my beautiful boys and a gorgeous newborn niece to spoil rotten.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My new baby book

As Seb is still so young he has no idea that our lives are soon going to be invaded by a tiny screaming creature.He has a doll and cuddles it or gives it to me for cuddles and knows the word baby and says it and points to my bump but obviously he doesn't understand the concept of us actually having a baby. 

As he loves books i looked on Amazon for a book i could get him that we could read together both now and once baby is here. Most of the books were aimed at children who are older and have more understanding but i found one which seemed to be aimed at slightly younger children. 

My New Baby is a board book so ideal for those who haven't learnt books aren't for ripping. It cost me around £3 so not much at all and i'm really quite pleased with it for several reasons.
It has lovely bright and clear illustrations and simple wording.

 The mum is shown breastfeeding, i think this is great and normalises breasfteeding, its easy to see images of a baby being bottle fed in books or on tv but breastfeeding is harder to come by. I also like how this image shows the whole family together while mum is feeding rather then it being something just for mum and baby.
My new baby book breastfeeding
It shows the differences in being a baby and toddler, baby in a nappy, toddler on a potty(not that i'm planning on potty training for a long while!)
My new baby book
Finally, I like how the dad is involved in the book, our family is very much like this so its realistic for us.

Overall I'm really glad i got this book, Seb likes looking through it alone or with me, though i don't espect him to really understand fully its a nice way of feeling like i am preparing him! 


Monday, 11 June 2012

Being pregnant meme

I was tagged by the lovely Lucy from Leopard Print Mommy to take part in the "Being Pregnant" meme started by the curious Trinket of Treasure!


We are a very nosey curious bunch, so please answer the following questions in depth. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ANY DETAILS OUT (only joking). But, please do write as much as you want, keeping in mind the joys of life are in the finer details. X

Invite three or more women and link them to your blog post. As I don’t know many mothers or pregnant women, I’d appreciate it if you could invite as many mothers/ expecting women you know to participate. But please remember you don't have to be invited to take part. THE MORE THE MERRIER! x

Leave a comment about what you think of this meme and a link to your blogpost HERE
For lovelies that have been pregnant more than once, answer the question in regards to your first pregnancy.

So lets get down to business ladies!

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were/are pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?
Shock, Seb was most definately not planned, me and Phil weren't even together and i was not planning babies! I was very scared of telling my parents!

What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?
A pretty huge thing was me and Phil becoming a proper couple and moving in together. I also lost friends, upsetting at the time but i couldn't care less anymore as lets be honest people who don't support you aren't worth being friends with anyway.

What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?
Once i got used to the idea, i loved being pregnant with Seb. I loved scans, hearing his heartbeat at my appointments, the excitement as my due date got nearer and i really loved my bump which was quite immense!

What did /do you dislike the most about being pregnant?
I was lucky that i had a fairly easy pregnancy, some sickness in the early days but it soon went. Heartburn was pretty horrible too. I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel very much movement throughout my pregnancy meaning Phil also missed out on that too which was dissapointing for us both. 

What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant? I loved it, its so amazing to grow a little person inside you! I was lucky that my first pregnancy was straightforward but this time around its totally different! 
I'm tagging everyone who wants to do this as i think alot of people have already been tagged!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Getting organised

Well i have sailed through the first half of my pregnancy in a bubble but now its sinking in, i am going to have another baby and i need to get things organised or else we won't actually have anything.
With my last pregnancy i had my cot and travel system by 12 weeks and by this stage i had lots of clothes, nappies, wipes etc ready and waiting.
This time i have a blanket, a couple of all in ones, one pack of disposables and a single cloth nappy.  I'm not sure if its because i have less time to spend, less money to spend or that i'm not in such a rush and know that i don't need every single item on the market and baby will survive if i don't buy a nappy wrapping bin thing.

However i have decided its time to start getting organised,  i'm getting married when i am 36 weeks pregnant so ideally i want everything sorted a couple of weeks before then to give me peace of mind and so i have the chance to get the last minute wedding prep done. This gives me approximately 14 weeks to sort things out.
In no particular order here is my plan of action
  • Go through the clothes we have kept from Seb and sort what we are keeping and sell the other bits on(this will be easier once we know the sex) then fill in the gaps clothes wise, vests, sleepsuits socks and hats. Once i have the basics sorted i can buy other bits as i see them. Get it all washed, dried and put away
  • Get more blankets(Seb still uses his)
  • Order a sling
  • Get a buggy board for Seb
  • Buy a cot and bedding(Seb's still in his)
  • Buy a bath support/sponge
  • Get our travel system from Phils parents, check it all over and wash it all down
  • Work out some form of storage for baby things(this is going to be tough) 
  • Buy nursing bras, breast pads etc
  • Get a container and Milton for sterilising
  • By a playmat/gym
  • Buy a few packs of disposable nappies for the first few weeks, oohh and wipes
  • Buy cloth nappies, liners and wraps.  We are going cloth this time, i've already ordered some nappies but i need more and they will also need washing and drying and putting away. I also need a wetbag or bucket.
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Buy raspberry leaf tea
  • Make up a bag/box of special goodies for Seb to play with while i am feeding or changing the new baby
  • Buy some big pants and stock up on maternity pads for after
  • Make sure there is plenty of easy meals in for the last couple of weeks of pregnancy when i'm exhausted and for once baby is here
  • Get the bulk of Sebs birthday(November 30th) presents and Christmas presents sorted. 
I'm sure there is lots more, please tell me if i have forgotten anything obvious? Its actually quite scary thinking of everything i need to do!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Meal planning

I am a massive fan of meal planning, each week i decide on our evening meals and then order everything we'll need on the online shop.  I find it works out so much cheaper and easier as it means i don't need to think about things or go out to get things last minute in the week( i can't go to the supermarket and buy just one thing!) It also means we don't waste very much at all.
Most nights Seb has the same as us unless Phil is working until half 8 or if we're having a sneaky takeaway, we're lucky that he will eat pretty much anything and i believe in letting him try everything. 
I avidly read peoples meal planning Monday posts but i haven't got round to joining in yet. Anyway our shopping is coming this afternoon(thank god as the fridge is bare!) so here is our meal plan for the week.

Friday- Italian Chicken with rice
Saturday- We're going out to a local family pub for a meal, i quite fancy curry which Seb will probably steal and Phil will more then likely have steak and then we'll order something for Seb.
Sunday- Garlic chicken, new potatos and veg
Monday- Pizza and garlic dough balls
Tuesday- Pasta and Pesto
Wednesday- Quiche,salad and alphabites(lazy,lazy)

Do you plan meals? What are you having this week?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Maternity fashion:ASOS

I love ASOS, i've shopped with them for years and not had any problems at all. I love that they have so many delivery options including free supersaver delivery and i love the huge range of clothes they stock with new products arriving all the time, the only problem is you can spend an age on the site just browsing and you can end up with a huge wishlist. 
The maternity range is huge, underwear, swimwear, jumpsuits and jeans, they have everything you could possibly want really. I got a couple of bits from ASOS during my last pregnancy and they stayed in good enough condition for me to be able to ebay them afterwards. 
I've picked out a few dresses(as thats what i mainly wear, but definately go and take a look, the choice is huge!

I wish i was taller so i could buy this! I love leopard print and this would be so nice in summer with sandals. At £30 its a good price too!
 This is stunning, i love it so much, again i wish i was taller. It also comes in peach but mint is definately my favourite.
 I love the floral print on this dress and also the neckline as its not too lowcut which is essential for big boobs.

And finally this scallop necked skater dress, which i actually own. For £20 its a nice material and fits well and is perfect for going out at night to a bar or for a nice meal. 
Its definately worth taking an hour to browse what ASOS have to offer. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sebs jubilee

 We didn't do anything major to celebrate the jubilee, Phil worked the whole time and obviously Seb is too young to understand.

I did get him a fab tee from Cath Kidston last week in Leeds, its so cute and not just jubilee wear(i probably would have got it anyway!) and Seb loves the corgi on it. It'll be cute to pop away in his memory box when he has grown out of it.
We had lunch from Union Jack plates

We also did a bit of finger painting in red, white and blue, i'm going to lable this up and pop it in his memory box too.
On Sunday we went to meet my gorgeous new niece Darcie Elizabeth who made her way into the world last Monday. I totally forgot how tiny newborns were, even though she weighed a hefty 8lb 15oz she was really  dinky and i had a good long cuddle and took in that newborn smell. 

Did you do anything special for the jubilee?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Maternity fashion: Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins isn't generally one of my go to shops,  but they do offer a maternity range. The range isn't huge but it does have a few new bits alongside the(well priced) basic vests and leggings. They also stock chinos, shorts and linen trousers.

This blouse is really pretty, it would be gorgeous with skinny jeans or dressed up for work with trousers or a skirt. It comes in 3 colours, my favourite is this blush colour. It would be nice to wear after birth too as its flowy so will cover that post pregnancy stomach.

A bargainous maxi dress, this is only £20 and comes in two colourways.
 This coral dress is lovely for £25, it would be ideal for work or play and it also comes in black.
All of these items are available on the Dorothy Perkins website.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Yummy mummy meme

I have been tagged by the lovely  BusyBeeMummyBex for this yummy mummy meme started by BusyBeeMummyBex

The rules are simple
When answering the questions, give as much detail as possible. It’s all about the finer details, people!
Leave a comment on here (BusyBeeMummyBex BlogSpot.)
Tag three or more people and link to them on your blog.
Tweet #yummymummy when sharing on twitter

What is the first thing you do when you wake up:?
Check the time, go for a wee(thats pregnancy for you) and grab Seb from his cot. 

Do you Shower Daily? Are you a Early Morning Shower or  evening Bath type?
I love a long hot bath but these days its not easy to grab the time so i tend to have a quick in and out shower in the morning once Seb has had his breakfast and is dressed. I usually have a bath once a week, with something lovely in it along with a book or magazine and a cup of tea.

Do you wear Make Up Daily?
Yes most days, unless we are having a really lazy day at home.  I always feel better and more polished if i have a bit on.

Whats in your make up bag?
I have a HUGE make up collection, i really enjoy make up. I have certain things that i wear all of the time and then i have a make up box bursting with stuff. I love MAC  for eyeshadows and lipsticks, Chanel foundation, Bobbi Brown Concealer, Urban Decay Eyeliners...i could go on and on.

When your having a slummy Mummy day what do you normally wear?
Leggings, comfy and easy. Or every now and then we will have a pj day, i love my leopard print pj bottoms too much.

Nails - how often do you get them done?
I can't having stand someone else doing my nails, i hate it lol. I usually paint my nails a couple of times a week depending how quickly it chips. I have over 100 polishes so i need to use them!

Your top tip for Tired Eyes?
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, amazing stuff.

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Neither for me.

How many Children do you have/want & why?
One at the moment, Seb who is 18 months, baby number two is due in November. I would love to have a huge family but practically it will be 2 or 3(unless we win the lottery)

Where is your favourite place to shop for Babies/Children's clothes?
I'll buy things anywhere, if i see something i like it doesn't matter where its from really. My favourites are probably Boden, Nappyhead, Cath Kidston and TK Maxx. I also love H&M for bright funky bargains.
Flats or Heels Everyday shoes are?
Used to be heels but these days flats. I own ALOT of shoes and they barely get worn these days which makes me sad but at the same time, i'm not sure glittery heels are practical for a walk in the park.
These shoes are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragons which are set to be my wedding shoes at the end of  September. Heres hoping my feet don't swell too much as i'll be 8 months pregnant!

Now you need to Tag 3 People to do this :
Lucy from Leopard Print Mommy
Ashleigh from Milk Teeth Mummy

Bethany from MommaBandBabyboy

Friday, 1 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Sugarpoke Edible Gifts

A couple of weeks ago i was contacted by the lovely people at Sugarpoke, asking if i would like to review one of their fabulous edible gifts. Being a girl who likes food, i said yes please! 
I wasn't sure what to expect as i'd never received anything like this before so i was eager to see what arrived.

A couple of days later a lovely box came through my letterbox, i opened it to find a funky card, an optical puzzle to keep me busy and some sweet treats all presented nicely.
I recived two brownies, some chocolate chip shortbread and some tiffin, they were generously sized and delicious(i do love a good brownie). 
I love the idea of these gifts, they are quirky present to send someone on any occasion or simply just to say hello. The gifts range from muffins to sweets and there is a range of cards available.  The site clearly shows which gifts are letterbox friendly too, this is a great idea so you can send without the worry of the giftee not being at home. 

With Fathers Day coming up they have a fab range of gifts you can send to the man in your life starting at less then a fiver including postage.I also like the idea of the new mum gifts they sell, as what new mum couldn't do with a treat in the post?
I'm going to order the Mini Love Heart set for Phil to arrive on the morning of our wedding in September, it will be a nice way to let him know i'm thinking of him and he will appreaciate that far more then flowers!

Have you ever sent or received an edible gift?

***This item was sent to me for review but the opinions are my own***

18 months already?

Wow, i find it hard to believe that Seb has turned 18 months this week! It never fails to amaze me how quickly time goes when you have a baby, it just seems to fly past. 

As he had a hospital appointment yesterday(i managed to avoid being sick on the bus!) we got him weighed and his height properly measured. He weighs in at 27lb 2oz which is about the same as last time we weighed him, not really a suprise as he never stops moving. He is definately taking after his dad in the height department, he is 2ft 9.5 inchs, he'll soon be overtaking me! 

He is slowly walking more and more, soon i'm sure he'll be running rings around us! 
He says quite a few words now, some easily recognisable and some that only people who know him understand. Quite often he'll say a word and then we won't hear it again! I'm sure they are all being stored ready for later use when we least expect it. 

I love watching him play and also when he is chattering to himself, its great to see how well he is developing.  I am sad to see him change from a baby into a little boy, he is growing up so fast!


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