Friday, 1 June 2012

18 months already?

Wow, i find it hard to believe that Seb has turned 18 months this week! It never fails to amaze me how quickly time goes when you have a baby, it just seems to fly past. 

As he had a hospital appointment yesterday(i managed to avoid being sick on the bus!) we got him weighed and his height properly measured. He weighs in at 27lb 2oz which is about the same as last time we weighed him, not really a suprise as he never stops moving. He is definately taking after his dad in the height department, he is 2ft 9.5 inchs, he'll soon be overtaking me! 

He is slowly walking more and more, soon i'm sure he'll be running rings around us! 
He says quite a few words now, some easily recognisable and some that only people who know him understand. Quite often he'll say a word and then we won't hear it again! I'm sure they are all being stored ready for later use when we least expect it. 

I love watching him play and also when he is chattering to himself, its great to see how well he is developing.  I am sad to see him change from a baby into a little boy, he is growing up so fast!


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