Monday, 11 June 2012

Being pregnant meme

I was tagged by the lovely Lucy from Leopard Print Mommy to take part in the "Being Pregnant" meme started by the curious Trinket of Treasure!


We are a very nosey curious bunch, so please answer the following questions in depth. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ANY DETAILS OUT (only joking). But, please do write as much as you want, keeping in mind the joys of life are in the finer details. X

Invite three or more women and link them to your blog post. As I don’t know many mothers or pregnant women, I’d appreciate it if you could invite as many mothers/ expecting women you know to participate. But please remember you don't have to be invited to take part. THE MORE THE MERRIER! x

Leave a comment about what you think of this meme and a link to your blogpost HERE
For lovelies that have been pregnant more than once, answer the question in regards to your first pregnancy.

So lets get down to business ladies!

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were/are pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?
Shock, Seb was most definately not planned, me and Phil weren't even together and i was not planning babies! I was very scared of telling my parents!

What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?
A pretty huge thing was me and Phil becoming a proper couple and moving in together. I also lost friends, upsetting at the time but i couldn't care less anymore as lets be honest people who don't support you aren't worth being friends with anyway.

What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?
Once i got used to the idea, i loved being pregnant with Seb. I loved scans, hearing his heartbeat at my appointments, the excitement as my due date got nearer and i really loved my bump which was quite immense!

What did /do you dislike the most about being pregnant?
I was lucky that i had a fairly easy pregnancy, some sickness in the early days but it soon went. Heartburn was pretty horrible too. I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel very much movement throughout my pregnancy meaning Phil also missed out on that too which was dissapointing for us both. 

What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant? I loved it, its so amazing to grow a little person inside you! I was lucky that my first pregnancy was straightforward but this time around its totally different! 
I'm tagging everyone who wants to do this as i think alot of people have already been tagged!

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