Friday, 29 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Graze Box, try one for free!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Graze boxes, for those that haven't Graze are a company that send you boxes with 4 healthy snacks in through the post. You can choose what day you want them delivered and can tell them which snacks you'd like to to try and which you don't want to be sent. 

I've used Graze over the last couple of years, i used to get a weekly box and now just get one off boxes maybe once a month as a treat to myself and Seb who likes trying out the snacks too. I love not knowing what i'm going to get until it pops through my letterbox. This week i treated myself to one and this is what i was sent.
Fennel seed and honey peanuts, Salsa Mexicanos, Fiery seeds and Herby Bread Basket

Me and Seb have already scoffed the mexicanos and herby bread basket both were lovely. I'm saving the other two for when i can eat them in peace!

Each box costs £3.49 but if you are a new customer and order one using the code WX31CWH  then you get your first box free. They do ask you to put your card details in but if you cancel after the first box no further payment is taken so its well worth doing to try before you buy.

If you do decide to order try i will be given a £1 off a future box(i didn't want to post without saying!) once you become a customer you will also get a code to give to others so they can get a free box and you will get £1 off. 

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