Friday, 8 June 2012

Foodie Friday: Meal planning

I am a massive fan of meal planning, each week i decide on our evening meals and then order everything we'll need on the online shop.  I find it works out so much cheaper and easier as it means i don't need to think about things or go out to get things last minute in the week( i can't go to the supermarket and buy just one thing!) It also means we don't waste very much at all.
Most nights Seb has the same as us unless Phil is working until half 8 or if we're having a sneaky takeaway, we're lucky that he will eat pretty much anything and i believe in letting him try everything. 
I avidly read peoples meal planning Monday posts but i haven't got round to joining in yet. Anyway our shopping is coming this afternoon(thank god as the fridge is bare!) so here is our meal plan for the week.

Friday- Italian Chicken with rice
Saturday- We're going out to a local family pub for a meal, i quite fancy curry which Seb will probably steal and Phil will more then likely have steak and then we'll order something for Seb.
Sunday- Garlic chicken, new potatos and veg
Monday- Pizza and garlic dough balls
Tuesday- Pasta and Pesto
Wednesday- Quiche,salad and alphabites(lazy,lazy)

Do you plan meals? What are you having this week?

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