Sunday, 10 June 2012

Getting organised

Well i have sailed through the first half of my pregnancy in a bubble but now its sinking in, i am going to have another baby and i need to get things organised or else we won't actually have anything.
With my last pregnancy i had my cot and travel system by 12 weeks and by this stage i had lots of clothes, nappies, wipes etc ready and waiting.
This time i have a blanket, a couple of all in ones, one pack of disposables and a single cloth nappy.  I'm not sure if its because i have less time to spend, less money to spend or that i'm not in such a rush and know that i don't need every single item on the market and baby will survive if i don't buy a nappy wrapping bin thing.

However i have decided its time to start getting organised,  i'm getting married when i am 36 weeks pregnant so ideally i want everything sorted a couple of weeks before then to give me peace of mind and so i have the chance to get the last minute wedding prep done. This gives me approximately 14 weeks to sort things out.
In no particular order here is my plan of action
  • Go through the clothes we have kept from Seb and sort what we are keeping and sell the other bits on(this will be easier once we know the sex) then fill in the gaps clothes wise, vests, sleepsuits socks and hats. Once i have the basics sorted i can buy other bits as i see them. Get it all washed, dried and put away
  • Get more blankets(Seb still uses his)
  • Order a sling
  • Get a buggy board for Seb
  • Buy a cot and bedding(Seb's still in his)
  • Buy a bath support/sponge
  • Get our travel system from Phils parents, check it all over and wash it all down
  • Work out some form of storage for baby things(this is going to be tough) 
  • Buy nursing bras, breast pads etc
  • Get a container and Milton for sterilising
  • By a playmat/gym
  • Buy a few packs of disposable nappies for the first few weeks, oohh and wipes
  • Buy cloth nappies, liners and wraps.  We are going cloth this time, i've already ordered some nappies but i need more and they will also need washing and drying and putting away. I also need a wetbag or bucket.
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Buy raspberry leaf tea
  • Make up a bag/box of special goodies for Seb to play with while i am feeding or changing the new baby
  • Buy some big pants and stock up on maternity pads for after
  • Make sure there is plenty of easy meals in for the last couple of weeks of pregnancy when i'm exhausted and for once baby is here
  • Get the bulk of Sebs birthday(November 30th) presents and Christmas presents sorted. 
I'm sure there is lots more, please tell me if i have forgotten anything obvious? Its actually quite scary thinking of everything i need to do!

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