Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Olympic Torch comes to West Yorkshire

Yesterday the Olympic Torch came to our town. Phil had the morning off work so the three of us headed down to see it. 
Those who follow me on twitter may have seen my mini rant about them not closing off the road so cars were still coming down where there were lots of people(including school groups) lining the pavement which was pretty dangerous and then typically a van stopped right in front of us when the torch came meaning we had to stand in the middle of the road to see anything. Despite the bad organisation it was lovely to see so many people out, the town is usually pretty dead as theres not much here(i'm assured it used to be thriving) so it was really good seeing people from babies upto elderly people mixing and enjoying themselves. 

Apart from the van incident, we managed to get a good spot at the front and we managed to time it well so Seb didn't get bored waiting. 

 You can just see them changing the torch over

If you get the chance i defiantely recommend taking your little one along.

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