Tuesday, 19 June 2012

On Monday he ate...

I've noticed quite a few food baby/toddler food posts floating around recently so thought i would do one of my own. I try to keep Sebs food interesting and try him with lots of different things and he is willing to try anything at the moment which i love. 

On Monday Seb ate....

 Breakfast- 2 cinnamon rolls and chopped melon along with 1/2 pint of full fat milk in his cup, i like simple no fuss breakfasts that he can get on with while i sort bits and bobs out in the morning
 Lunch- Homemade Carrot and Coriander soup followed by fresh pineapple chunks, with water to drink in his cup
 Afternoon snack- A party ring and some water. It was the first time he's ever had a party ring and he wasn't that keen(strange child!)
 Dinner- Creamy coriandor chicken with roasted peppers and rice and naan bread, Seb loves peppers and ended up stealing mine too. Strawberries for pudding and another 1/2 pint of full fat milk in his cup
 What did your little one eat today?

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