Sunday, 24 June 2012

Playing the name game

Well, now we've had our scan and found out that we're having a boy its time to think seriously about names for this little one aka playing the name game.

Names can be such a personal thing and peoples tastes vary hugely. So many things influence us age, family, the area we live, aspirations,and our lifestyle. There are alot of names that i would never use but to other people they fit into their family and life perfectly. We all have different taste and styles, so live and let live.

When i was pregnant with Seb he was going to be called Henry, we didn't tell anyone we wanted it to be a surprise when he was born. Then during my pregnancy my nephew was born and they called him.....yes thats right, Henry. I was pretty upset, even though i didn't own the name and it wasn't done on purpose, in my mind the baby inside me was Henry. After a couple of weeks i got over it and we ended up with a list of 3 names which we took into the delivery room with us, i kind of knew he would be a Sebastian though. 

The problem with baby names is everyone has their opinion,  we liked Sebastian because its not a common name(he was the second our midwife had met in over 30 years) but its not weird. I like that its a proper grown up name that you can imagine a doctor or lawyer using but it has Seb as a nickname which is young and funky, he also has his middle name (Oliver) to use if he wishes. However both mine and Phils mums weren't keen at all, i can be bloody minded and so i stuck with it and now they can't imagine him being called anything else.
For me, this is the reason i won't share a baby name before the birth, i've read posts from countless women on baby sites upset that people have criticised the name of their unborn child, saying they've been reduced to tears and are reconsidering despite wanting to call their child x for years. I do always make a point to tell someone if i think the name they have chosen is particularly lovely as the chances are they will have had some negative comments especially if it is unsual. . If a name isn't to my taste i just wouldn't comment on it(well maybe to Phil if it was really awful)

So its down to me and Phil to pick a name, my taste is a bit more quirky then Phil's for example i like Dale for a girl(after an old movie star) he thinks its ridiculous. I also like alot of hippyish names whereas he prefers more traditional names. Again we would like something unusual but not unheard of, we also need something that sounds good with Sebastian and also with our double barrelled surname. There are some names we like but no decisions have been made so any suggestions are welcome!

How did you choose a name for your little one/s? Did you get any negative comments?

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