Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review: Flexi Bath

Hands up, who remembers giving your newborn that first terrifying bath? Bathing Seb was one of my only fears about becoming a mum, i don't know why, it just was! Apparently mums used to be shown how to bath their baby in hospital, do they still do that anywhere?
In our old flat storage space was scarce so we didn't get a baby bath and instead opted for a fabric bath support which is great in theory but not so great when you have a wriggly baby. I wish that i had known there was an alternative to the traditional bulky baby bath.
The Flexi bath is a funky plastic baby bath that can be folded flat when not in use for easy storage. Amazing, it will fit in the smallest space, even under your bed! Although it looks small once opened its the same size as a normal baby bath, and holds 39 litres of water. It comes in a range of bright colours and has its own plug for easy drainage. It can be used in lots of ways, the traditional baby bath at home, as a travel baby bath, 
for water play, outdoor play, for toy storage, the list is endless. It can also be easily stored away between babies.
We were sent a Flexi bath to review, and with the unexpected sunshine we've had in the last couple of days we decided to test it out by using it for water play outside. We filled it with warm water and toys, stripped Seb off and popped him in. He had a very happy 45 minutes splashing and pouring water.
The bath itself is sturdy and feels safe to use, Seb was certainly very comfy in it!
I think this is a fab product and i really wish i had known about it when Seb was born. I love that it comes in bright colours, it stands out from the crowd and obviously the fact it can be folded away and stored is a huge bonus. It retails at £29.95 which is a little bit more then a traditional bath, but i think if you are short on space, travel alot or simply love products that are a little bit different its well worth paying a bit extra. Available to buy here.

I'm going to be reviewing this again once the bump arrives, to see how i get on with it as a baby bath.

***I was sent this item for review purposes but all opinions are my own***

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