Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My new baby book

As Seb is still so young he has no idea that our lives are soon going to be invaded by a tiny screaming creature.He has a doll and cuddles it or gives it to me for cuddles and knows the word baby and says it and points to my bump but obviously he doesn't understand the concept of us actually having a baby. 

As he loves books i looked on Amazon for a book i could get him that we could read together both now and once baby is here. Most of the books were aimed at children who are older and have more understanding but i found one which seemed to be aimed at slightly younger children. 

My New Baby is a board book so ideal for those who haven't learnt books aren't for ripping. It cost me around £3 so not much at all and i'm really quite pleased with it for several reasons.
It has lovely bright and clear illustrations and simple wording.

 The mum is shown breastfeeding, i think this is great and normalises breasfteeding, its easy to see images of a baby being bottle fed in books or on tv but breastfeeding is harder to come by. I also like how this image shows the whole family together while mum is feeding rather then it being something just for mum and baby.
My new baby book breastfeeding
It shows the differences in being a baby and toddler, baby in a nappy, toddler on a potty(not that i'm planning on potty training for a long while!)
My new baby book
Finally, I like how the dad is involved in the book, our family is very much like this so its realistic for us.

Overall I'm really glad i got this book, Seb likes looking through it alone or with me, though i don't espect him to really understand fully its a nice way of feeling like i am preparing him! 


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