Wednesday, 25 July 2012

99 days to go

Today marks 99 days until baby number 2 is due, eeeek.
At the moment i am feeling the best i have done all pregnancy, i'm still being sick but i've kind of learnt to cope with it and the tiredness has eased for now which makes everything better. I feel like i haven't grown too much in the last few weeks and am now at the right size for the stage i'm at so i don't feel so huge and out of kilter. My skin seems to have calmed down a bit which is a bonus. Heartburn and hormones suck but i guess thats pregnancy for you!
I'm using this time to make sure i do lots of lovely things with Seb before the tiredness comes back and the wedding creeps nearer.
This baby is so active, due to an anterior placenta with Seb, movements were felt quite late on and were very muffled and Phil didn't really get to feel them at all. This time however theres no missing them, you can see his hands and feet poking out and see where he is moving around, its funny and freaky at the same time. He has a set pattern for when he is active, luckily he isn't going crazy during the night(yet).

We've started getting organised, we have our nappy stash sorted as well as some disposables for when he is first born.  The cot we want should be coming back into stock next week so we can go get that.  Last weekend we got all of Sebs old clothes back as they had been stored at our parents, we went through it all and realised we don't need to buy very much at all, though obviously i will buy new bits, its nice to know i don't have too as all the things we kept are in fab condition.  I need to get a steriliser and some bottles incase breastfeeding doesn't work out and then i have the newborn essentials covered. Anything else is really an extra as when they are so small they just need some food, somewhere to sleep and something to wear.

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