Monday, 2 July 2012

Activity: Making bread

 Over the weekend i decided to make some bread with Seb. To be honest, much as i love bread, i'm not great at making it but thought it would be good fun and would keep us busy while stuck at home with Seb being poorly. 

I did the mixing and let Seb have the dough to knead(well poke) and he enjoyed doing this, this is a great sensory activity as as well as the texture of the dough(sticky and warm) , he could smell it and he even had a little taste.
While it was cooking i showed him it in the oven and taught him to sniff the air to have a smell.
Gorgeous cheesy bread, ideal for bacon sandwidges on a Sunday morning!
Baking is a great way to get littlies involved in cooking, its great for them to see where the food they eat comes from and how ingrediants change as they cook.

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