Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Activity: Potato printing

This week we gave potato printing a go for the first time. As Seb is so young i kept it very simple with one potato simply chopped in half and 2 paint colours. Cheapy plastic plates or paper plates are great for doing this as rather then have loads of washing up after, you can just chuck them.
 Seb absolutely loved doing this, the potato was the right size for him to hold and control which for littlies can be difficult with a paintbrush. As you can see from the photos he had a good feel of the potato and a little munch too. He found it pretty funny.
  We ended up with some lovely pictures which can be duly gifted to the grandparents.
I used to love doing this with older children with a big variety of fruit and veg, its fun getting them to engage with cooking ingredients and introducing them to foods they(sadly) may not be otherwise familar with.
If you have a spare potato lurking in the kitchen, what are you waiting for?!!

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