Thursday, 19 July 2012

Activity: Water beads

A while ago i bought some water beads to use in our water table, they've been unused until now as these beads are not a toy and i didn't want to risk Seb putting them into his mouth at all. 
As he is good now with knowing what to try and what not to try i decided it would be safe to use them.

These beads are fab and magical, they arrive as tiny little beads and when you put them into water they grow(leave for 24 hours so they reach full size). For an older child this would be a fun part of the play, seeing them grow but obviously Seb is a little young to be bothered about that aspect! They end up about the size of marbles, with a jelly like feel to them.
We were lucky yesterday not to get the rain that had been forcast so we got out the water table filled it and added the beads along with some containers for collecting the beads and pouring. 

As soon as Seb saw these in the water he started saying 'whasssattt, oooh whasssaat' he enjoyed the feel of the beads, he spent a long time moving them from one side of the table to the other, collecting them in the containers and pouring them out again. He showed real concentration when collecting them all up.

We played with these for around an hour in all which is a great length of time for his age. I think the sensory aspect combined with the collecting and pouring had hime hooked. 

These beads are available in pretty much any colour you like. I got 2 5g bags from ebay for just 99p and only used 1 bag in this activity. The are also available from other places like Amazon.
Again please don't do this activity if your little one still puts things in their mouth at all as these could easily be a choking hazard and are not intended as a toy.

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