Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ELCS or VBAC part 2

Well i had my appointment yesterday, and i have to say i was left pretty underwhelmed by it. 

I got there 10 minutes before my appointment and the waiting room was packed so i knew i'd be in for a long wait. I was called by a nurse who took my blood pressure and tested my urine sample in the corridor in front of the whole waiting room(anyone else find that a bit odd?) then told to go and sit down in the waiting area again. 
Forty five minutes later i was called again, this time by a midwife who took me to a room to measure the baby and listen to its heartbeat, i always love that part its so reassuring to hear them although he kept moving away, i'm measuring 2 weeks ahead, which is similar to Seb i measured ahead with him the whole way though. 
Then finally i got to see the consultant, she obviously hadn't look at my details before i saw her as she had no idea why i was there. She speed read through a checklist with me that they have to read to everyone who has previously had a c-section and ticked them all off without even looking at me and then asked if i had any questions. I asked how likely i was to end up with an EMCS if i went for a VBAC, she said there would be about a 30% chance, that with a VBAC as soon as i think i'm in labour i have to go to the hospital and be on a bed with constant monitoring, this really puts me off a VBAC as i had a long labour with Seb and i don't want to be stuck on a bed, last time while labouring at home i felt the need to be in the bath and also move around which obviously won't be possible with VBAC.
I then asked if i did have an EMCS would i be likely to need to go under general anaesthetic again, she wasn't even aware that i had this last time and asked me why i had it and why i ended up with a c-section, i really think she should have looked at my notes beforehand to be honest as part of the reason for the appointment was to discuss Sebs birth. I said that he was an undiagnosed breech and i didn't know much about the rest as it was a bit of a blur, so finally she looked through my notes. Apparently Seb was in alot of distress hence knocking me out as they were having trouble with the spinal.
 And that was it really, she has booked for me to go back in October to decide what i want, she is going to try and get me to chat with an anaesthetist so we can discuss if i am likely to be knocked out again as she couldn't answer me and i said that is something i want to avoid. I'm pleased about this as it would sway my decision. 

So to sum it up i am still unsure although i am swaying towards an ELCS at the moment mainly because of how i would have to labour. This would mean baby would be born at 39 weeks bringing it forward to October!
One thing i am sure of is that i made the right choice about not having this baby at the same hospital as Seb was born(and where the appointment was). Even the taxi drive that i had on the way to the hospital was telling me how his wife was badly cared for when she had her baby there,

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